The Kidergartens

      Pooh Corner W14

      Joanne Allen, originally from South Africa, joined The Kindergartens in 1996 as a group teacher at The Crescent II Kindergarten. She is a highly experienced Head who has run three kindergartens for the company over the past twenty years. Joanne spent 6 years at Pooh Corner, SW7 and knows the area well. She is also well versed in opening new settings for the company.

      Jo first trained as a Montessori teacher before going on to graduate with an Early Childhood Studies degree and then a Master of Science in Child Psychology. In 2010 she was also awarded Early Years Professional Status.

      Pooh Corner W14 opening hours are 8:45am - 12:15pm and 8:45am - 4:00pm The clubs run until 3:00pm.



      Staff have an excellent knowledge of what children know and can do. They

      meticulously plan and support the needs and interests of each child. All children

      make outstanding progress in relation to their different starting points. They are

      exceptionally well prepared for the next stages in their learning including starting


      Pooh Corner W14, Ofsted Report 2016



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